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About Us

Design with us your smart and affordable house

Menelaou Constructions operates successfully within the Cyprus steel frame construction industry for more than 30 years.

Our experience and know-how provides you with the opportunity to build your own smart and affordable house right on your budget.
Our expertise on steel frame construction allows you to adapt your home ideas into a reality.


We do only what we are great on

Quality Comes First

We are committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service.

What We Do

Our goal is Building Top Quality Eco-Friendly Homes within your Budget. Steel is Better, Stronger, Healthier and Fire-Resistant.

Flexible Design

You can design your house and we will manufacture it. You will save a lot of money with steel frame construction.

High Quality

All materials we use are first quality. Our steel house structure is made of galvanized steel which ensures long life.

Short Building Time

Our houses are build in a significantly shorter time than concrete houses are built. You are also always on budget!

Our Projects

Menelaou Steel Frame Homes

Frequently Asked Questions

Is everything made from steel?

The structural components such as the framing in the walls, subfloors and roof trusses are all made of galvanized pre-cut metal profiles min. of 1.5mm thickness.

Will I be able to customize my new home?

Because of its strength, steel can span greater distances, offering large, open spaces and high ceilings. The interior walls can be moved anywhere you want w/o disturbing the basic structure and this enables attractive design options. Also, you can choose from a variety of home design plans in our office and customize these aspects w/o limits.

How secure and safe is the framing?

Steel framed homes are fastened together with screws.
The connections remain secure, as there is so little movement in the frame. Steel doesn't change with time so the connections stay tight.


The drywall is attached to the walls with screws, as well as the exterior siding.
The screws do not work their way out as nails do, and your finished wall remains unblemished. Steel does not change shape or sag with time. It will truly last a lifetime. Stronger, straighter, non-combustible, and long lasting are just a few of the reasons that steel is undeniable superior as a building material.



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